Shaun is one of the main characters.


Shaun was born November 7th, 2000. He was above his grade level and graduated college at age 12. At age 13 he made the blueprint for a rocket ship that uses cows mooing as energy. (no one still knows how it works). When 14 he moved in with his best friends (the other main characters) and has lived with them sense. He is one of the oldest of the group (age 15). He currently works in his new lab making things with Dominic and Ryan. He is also studying magic in his spare time. He has also mutated a turtle to look like him it is called a shauntle. And has even made a robot duplicate of himself called Shauntley made of the several part of Kiwii Labs.


Shaun isn't known to be strong but is very smart. He has water gauntlets that allow him to control water around him.

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